Top Tips for Settling Into a Care Home

Posted on 11 July 2023

We understand that moving into a care home can be a complete upheaval in yours or your loved ones lives. With years of experience, we’ve put together some of our top tips for settling into a care home, to help you or your loved one have a smooth and positive experience:

Get To Know the Staff and Residents

Moving into a care home, where everything and everyone is new, can be very daunting, so getting to know the staff and other residents is very reassuring.

At Oaklands, we always visit the person coming into our care, to get to know their needs and family, find out what their wishes are and what they want from care. This helps to build a strong connection, as we are here to help and empower our residents to live their lives.

Personalised Space

We all want residents to feel comfortable and at ease in their surroundings, so we always recommend bringing in personal items. This could be photographs, favourite books or decorations, helping the space feel like home from the start.

Where possible, we encourage families to bring personal items in from home before the resident moves in, to give a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Be Open to New Experiences

Getting involved in different activities is a great way to meet new people and settle in quickly.

At Oaklands, we provide person-centred care and arrange activities, which our residents love getting involved with. We are really proud that our fantastic team truly gets to know our residents and their favourite activities. Our ‘Send a Smile Campaign’ is one of our residents’ favourite activities, as we arrange activities to make their wishes come true. 

Familiarise Yourself With the Care Home

It’s important to feel at home, so it’s a good idea to take time to explore the care home and familiarise yourself with its layout. Knowing where everything happens will help you or your loved one feel more at ease.

We always provide a brochure of our care home beforehand to help familiarise new residents with the setting and the team. Then our friendly staff will welcome residents to the home, show them their room and give them a tour of the building.

Communicate Your Needs and Concerns

If you have any specific needs or concerns, no matter how small, please chat to the care home about it.

Our dedicated team is always here to support residents and look after their wellbeing.

To see how our supportive staff help our residents settle in, please watch our latest video on settling into a care home.

To arrange a visit to our person-centred home, call 02380 845759 or email

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