Margaret benefits from sensory technology

Here at Oaklands, technology plays a key part in the person-centred care we provide our residents, and the benefits really show! A favourite amongst residents is our interactive screen, which Margaret particularly enjoys!

Margaret is 94 years old and is living with dementia. Our interactive screen is an ideal activity for Margaret as it provides sensory activities, puzzles and games that encourage movement, stimulation and shared enjoyment. The activities are simple but incredibly rewarding.

Since using our interactive screen, we have seen a positive impact on Margaret’s well-being – she is more awake, and the interactive screen helps her to focus.  Its ease of use makes it a really accessible, dementia-friendly activity, which can be tailored to different interests and hobbies. Margaret is such a fan that she uses it for over half an hour and is often joined by other residents.

Commenting on Margaret’s love for our interactive screen, Oaklands Activities Coordinator, Mandy, said; ‘Our interactive screen is extremely therapeutic for Margaret and our residents. It provides a wealth of opportunities for residents to learn, laugh and enjoy. We love it and know our residents do too!”

Margaret’s story is just one example of the dedicated care our team of experts at Oaklands provides residents. If you would like to learn more about the care we provide, please give us a call on 02380845759.