Helping Keith live independently again

Returning home after receiving short-term care can sometimes be daunting for residents. So, when Keith joined us at Oaklands temporarily, we wanted to make sure his transition to living independently again would be as smooth as possible.

Keith was staying with us whilst his home was being completely renovated to better suit his needs. To make sure Keith had everything ready for his return, we gave him access to a computer and helped him order the essentials online, including new pillows, a duvet, kitchenware, clothes and food.

Providing Keith with access to technology during his stay gave him the freedom he was used to and, importantly, the confidence that his house would feel like home again once he returned.

We will all miss Keith (and his regular fashions shows) when he leaves us, but we are excited to hear about his new home and his next adventures!

Keith’s story is just one example of the dedicated care our team  of experts at Oaklands provides residents. If you would like to learn more about the care we provide, please give us a call on 02380845759.