Helping Peter get his moves back!

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming the lovely Peter for a temporary stay at Oaklands.

Here at Oaklands, we work closely with Hampshire County Council and West Hampshire CCG to provide support with Discharge to Assess (D2A). Many older patients like Peter are medically fit to leave hospital but may not be able to look after themselves in the way they did before. An assessment to determine their longer-term needs used to be carried whilst they were still in hospital and a support package was arranged once they returned home. However, assessing and arranging this type of support often takes time and a hospital isn’t the ideal environment to assess a patient like Peter as it doesn’t adequately represent their home. This is where Oaklands can help.

Helping Peter settle in with person-centred care

To establish the type of care Peter would require, he joined our family here at Oaklands.

We understand that moving to new surroundings can be daunting, especially during a pandemic where new residents are required to stay in isolation for 2 weeks, but Peter settled in well.

During his first two weeks with us, Peter had his own carer at all times to ensure he was not isolated and always had someone with him for company. During this time, Peter could take part in the activities of his choice. When Peter’s isolation period came to an end, he quickly integrated into the rest of them home and took part in regular group activities.

Sharing his love for music (& Cheryl Cole)

Peter had two loves in his life – music and the tv personality, Cheryl Cole. When he wasn’t teaching the team to dance, he was admiring his favourite picture of Cheryl Cole and even wearing his Cheryl face mask!

Peter’s bond with the team here at Oaklands helped him to gain his confidence back and his fun personality certainly made its mark.

Staying in a supportive and homely setting like Oaklands helped give Peter’s family and social worker a picture of his needs and the care he would require going forward.  The care our team provided also helped Peter get his confidence back, so he would be ready to live independently again.

After 8 weeks with the team, Peter (& Cheryl) returned home. We’re delighted to hear that he’s doing really well following his visit to Oaklands.

Commenting on his stay, Peter said; “I have really enjoyed being here but I’m looking forward to being able to go back home, I will definitely come back if I ever need full time care in the future.”

Peter’s story is just one example of the dedicated care our team  of experts at Oaklands provides residents. If you would like to learn more about the care we provide, please give us a call on 02380845759.