Why is promoting our residents’ independence so important at Oaklands?

Posted on 21 November 2023

At Oaklands, we truly believe that keeping our residents’ independence is key to boosting their overall well-being and engagement with life at Oaklands.

That’s why we like to get our residents involved from day one. Here’s how:

Personalised experience

We love it when prospective residents are able to visit our home, prior to moving in. It’s a great way to empower residents to make independent choices, like choosing the decor of their room before they move in – that way it feels like home when they arrive. This really helps with the settling in process.

Detailed care plan

By putting together a thorough care plan, we are quickly able to see what each resident is able to do and what we can do to enable our residents to be independent.

We often find our residents are very capable of doing many day-to-day tasks for themselves. However, our dedicated staff are always there to encourage residents and provide additional support when needed.

One resident in particular, was keen to stay independent and assist other people. She regularly helped to set the table, as she liked doing it and it was something she wanted to continue.

It’s very much a case of, ‘use it or lose it’. The more the residents can be encouraged to do for themselves, the more they maintain their independence and can continue to do things for themselves.


Our activities team is very mindful about choosing activities that will engage our residents and they create personalised activities tailored to individual preferences.

Naturally, we always love it when our residents get involved, but we always give them a choice. If they don’t feel like joining in on that particular day, they don’t have to, and we will help them find an alternative activity that they would like to do instead, as another way of maintaining their independence.

Watch our latest video below, to see our dedicated staff expressing how our residents benefit from remaining independent.

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