Oaklands raise the bar in palliative care

Posted on 8 April 2019

As part of Oaklands ongoing commitment to providing the best possible palliative care for residents, several of our staff recently visited Countess Mountbatten House – a local hospice recognised for its palliative care excellence  – to complete the NHS’s official ‘Six Steps to Success’ programme.

End of life care requires an active and compassionate approach that treats, comforts and supports individuals who are living with or dying from progressive or chronic life-threatening conditions, and the Six Steps to Success Programme has been designed by the NHS to equip organisations and staff with the knowledge and skills to do so.

Over the course of 4 full days and 2 mornings, Oaklands staff completed a series of workshops and demonstrations with the CMH Education team – as well as learning about the Six Steps to Success – in order to complete the programme.

As always, we were astounded by the level of work completed by our staff and received excellent feedback from the CMH Education team on their professionalism and commitment to the programme.

As well as our extensive training, Oaklands work with a number of experts in the local community – including palliative care doctors, nurse specialists and counsellors – to ensure the highest standard of palliative care.

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