Oaklands Air reaches new heights

Posted on 23 September 2022

Oaklands Air is one of our residents’ all-time favourite activities and they were thrilled to be taking another trip this month! In case you’ve not heard of our special initiative before, we transform our lounge into a plane and take the residents on a virtual interactive trip anywhere in the world!

Usually we vote to decide the ‘destination’, but as soon as we discovered that two of our lovely residents, Garrett and Mark, had such strong ties and incredible memories in Singapore, we just had to organise a special trip for them! Here’s why:

Garrett’s story

Garrett, aged 75, was born and raised in Singapore and lived there until he was 14 years old, when he moved to the UK with his mother.

His father had been an Australian Army prisoner of war in Singapore during WWII and after his release went on to become the managing director of an import export company. Whilst Garrett became a teacher and mental health worker.

When asked about his time in Singapore, Garrett said: “My favourite memory from my childhood was going on a boat to a deserted island and sleeping there overnight in a tent”.

He recalled: “Singapore was a very crowded place, but we lived in a large house. I was part of the Royal Singapore yacht club and the Royal Island golf club which was brilliant.

“I loved the food and enjoyed eating meals outside. I just recall lots of alleys with all different traders, lots of fancy dress, bright colours, and parties.”

Mark’s story

Mark, aged 92, shared similar fond memories. Mark was born in Malta but moved to Singapore with his family in 1960. His father served in the Army and was stationed at an airfield near Payaledar, Singapore.

Mark served in the RAF as a Flight engineer and also retains strong memories of his time living in Singapore.

He said: “I loved the weather and the people. I’ve been back on holiday and the nightlife is still brilliant!

“I really enjoyed all the food, particularly the curries and the exotic fresh fruits. I also loved playing golf, especially a drink at the 19th hole.”

On the day

We staged a mock flight to Singapore for our two very special gentlemen! Our staff transformed the lounge into a plane – complete with seating, cabin crew, boarding passes and a large screen – to virtually whisk residents away to South East Asia.

Nicola Ray, our care home manager added: “We love to listen to our residents’ stories, finding out about the people we care for and the lives they have led helps us to provide individualised care.

“Providing our residents with opportunities to reminisce about old times is so important, it helps to boost mood and enhance well-being. Seeing all the smiles on their faces after our virtual lift off was lovely!”

Mark replied: “Today has brought back so many happy memories with my family and my amazing children.”

Our special trip even made it into ‘In your area’ news – click here to read the full article!

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