Exercise at Oaklands

Posted on 18 July 2019

It is well documented that exercise can have several benefits for the elderly, from reducing the risk of conditions like heart disease to encouraging social interaction. Here at Oaklands, our residents have experienced the benefits first-hand thanks to our regular activities, which promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

These are just some of the exercise sessions we put on weekly:

Movement to Music

Our Movement to Music sessions are a highlight for many of our residents. Using a combination of stretches, exercise and movement games, residents have a great time interacting together while also boosting their physical & mental wellbeing. The dance activities and music vary each time to keep it engaging, and the exercises can be done by almost all our residents from the comfort of their own seats.

Exercises with Claire

Along with her dog Toby, who is a firm favourite with our residents, Claire uses a soft football to help residents focus on their hand-eye coordination, while also keeping the exercises fun and engaging for the residents.

Active Nation

Active Nation are an excellent local charity that help people from all backgrounds gain the  confidence to take up exercise, and they regularly come in for sessions with our residents. From chair exercises to a game of noughts & crosses – the sessions always make for a fun morning for our residents and are suitably adapted to their needs.

Weekly walks

At Oaklands we are blessed to have several beaches and the New Forest on our doorstep. You’ll often find us taking the residents down to the Quay or walking around our local surroundings. Not only are the walks a chance to improve our resident’s physical wellbeing, but also their mental wellbeing too.


To see more of the activities going on at Oaklands, take a look at our most recent activities calendar here.

If you have any more questions about the services & facilities offered at Oaklands, call us on 023 8084 5759 or email us at info@oaklandsresthome.co.uk