Delivering person-centred care activities at Oaklands

Posted on 18 March 2021

We all have our own likes and dislikes, which is why our team are passionate about delivering person-centred care activities at Oaklands.

As its name suggests, person-centred care puts the individual at the heart of the care they receive and the activities that take place. This means it’s important for us to get to know our residents as a person and recognise their unique qualities.

Prior to joining us at Oaklands, we find out as much as possible about our new resident during their pre-admission assessment. We also actively encourage them to let us know their favourite things, tastes and preferences when they arrive, so we can provide a tailored and fulfilling experience. Seeking to understand their hobbies and interests can also play an important part in discovering common ground between residents, helping form friendships.

Here are some examples of recent person-centred care activities our residents have taken part in.

Playing Cards: P

A huge fan of card games, P is regularly shuffling and dealing a deck out to other residents and staff. As the Queen of card games, we set aside time each week for Pat to play and practice her poker face.

Badge Making: R

R loves helping out where he can and is often assisting the activities staff during events and games. R was a massive help recently when he made everyone a badge for a game we played. He had so much fun using the badge press and did a fantastic job!

SL’s Ducks

Before joining the Oaklands family, SL used to run her own pet shop and also enjoyed doing lots of arts and crafts. Bringing both of these things together, SL made her own paper ducks one afternoon.

SL loved taking part in this activity, which prompted many fond memories from her past which she shared with both residents and staff.

A Pub Visit: PK and VT

PK really misses going to the pub and catching up with his friends. We decided to bring the pub to PK with a variety of non-alcoholic beers for him to enjoy.

On the topic of pubs, VT is an avid dart player – it’s one of his favourite games. We regularly host dart tournaments for the residents and VT is always at the front of the line, ready to score a bullseye.

To find out more about life at Oaklands and our activities, contact our team on 02380 845 759.