The Importance of Celebrations and Their Impact on Residents

Posted on 5 December 2023

We love a celebration at Oaklands and our staff really go out of their way to make residents feel special.

Not only is it a really fun way to spend our time together, but it also has a positive impact on our residents, especially those with dementia. Here’s how:

Celebrating birthdays

Made to feel special

We make sure birthdays are special at Oaklands. Our fantastic staff really go to town with decorations, putting up banners and balloons to mark the occasion.

We don’t just pick up a supermarket cake, we cater our residents’ birthday cakes to their specific likes. We had one lady who loved dogs, so we created moulded sugar work, with icing dogs and paws, plus a dog cake topper – it looked incredible and she was thrilled with how much effort the staff had gone to.

Restores memories

Cake and cards are synonymous with birthdays, so including them as part of the celebrations really helps our residents with dementia connect with the event.

Celebrating birthdays is a great way of bringing memories back to our lovely residents.

Good for wellbeing

We even make preparing for special occasions an exciting time. Our staff help residents pick out an outfit and style their hair.

We recently assisted a resident who wanted makeup for a special event. We rallied together and got her some makeup to make her feel her best when going out and celebrating.

Spending quality time together

Birthdays are a great chance to have some quality time, so we set our library up with fresh cakes, tea and coffee, so our residents can enjoy the special event with their family.

For some residents, Oaklands is their family, so by celebrating birthdays together, everyone is made to feel special.

Building memories

Some residents with dementia may forget they have a special occasion coming up, so we set up a calendar in their room and circle the date to remind them they are on a countdown to a special day. It also may be to remind them they have a special outfit picked out, which is exciting and reassuring for our residents.

Celebrating community events

At Oaklands, we also love celebrating things that go on in the community and mark special days for other organisations.

Some of our residents have been touched by cancer, so we put on a special celebration for Breast Cancer Awareness Day and other key events throughout the year.

Watch this short video, to see our fantastic staff talking about the impact celebrating events has on our residents:

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