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Personalised reablement care

Oaklands Rest Homes provides personalised reablement care to help your elderly loved one recover and increase their independence following a fall, short illness or hospital visit.

What is reablement care?

For many people, the process of healing doesn’t end after being discharged from the hospital. Sometimes, when someone experiences a sudden deterioration in their health, they need extra help to increase their confidence and adapt. This care is called reablement.


How might reablement care at Oaklands help my loved one?

Our expert team here at Oaklands can help your loved one regain the skills they may have lost and restore their self-confidence, so they can return home safely and get back to doing the things they love.

Here are just some of the ways our team can support your loved one:

  • Personal care, such as washing and shaving
  • Preparing meals
  • Medication management
  • Helping understand equipment & technology
  • Exercises to help regain mobility, strength and confidence

How long does reablement care last?

The length of time depends on the individual, but it is typically provided for up to six weeks. It is also possible that reablement will last longer if full independence can be achieved with more support.

Joining our loving home

No matter how brief their stay with us might be, we want Oaklands to feel like home for your loved one. They can choose to make the most of our varied activities programme whilst they’re with us or simply spend time relaxing in our beautiful garden. We will do everything we can to make their time with us special.

To find out more about life at Oaklands, click here.

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To find out more about our reablement care and how we can support your loved one, give us a call or email info@oaklandsresthome.co.uk.

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